Contract 2D Concept Artist

Collaborate with the internal art director external clients to create unique concept design works.

Partner with the Creative and Art Directors to visualize ideas

Create high-quality concept art for character and/or environment assets

Provide iterative design variations for different art tasks.

Create key visuals, mood explorations and model sheets

Mentor younger artists in their path to becoming more experienced in the industry.

English - Intermediate

Contract 2D Concept Artist (Remote)

  • Minimum 3+ years of experience creating concept art for games/film
  • A strong portfolio of work that demonstrates a good range of style and subject matter.
  • Ability to adapt to stylistic and process needs of different projects.
  • Ability to tackle assignments with a systematic design process.
  • Solid demonstration of foundational drawing and painting abilities.
  • Work closely with internal team and external clients to keep quality consistent across all concepts.
  • Ability to verbally communicate your ideas fluently.
  • Participate in critiquing your work and the work of other artists.
  • Good work ethics and time management
  • Can work with others in a team environment
  • Excellent painting and rendering skill
  • In-depth knowledge of art and design principles
  • One or both of the following: Strong understanding of anatomy based, functional character or creature design / Strong understanding of architecture and product design
  • Expert understanding of composition, color theory, light and form
  • Pluses:
  • 5+ years of experience creating concept art for games/film
  • Knowledge of 3D concept art/sculpting techniques
  • Chinese language proficiency or willingness to learn
  • Passionate about games and films.
  • Please make sure to include a link to your online portfolio.

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Contract 3D Artist (Remote)



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